This is a special room that is a multi-sensory stimulation room. This special room was first developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s. The first place to open such a room in Israel was at the Issy Shapiro Center in Raanana around 20 years ago. Today, there are 300 such rooms in Israel, in different hospitals and in various treatment centers. The Snoezelen room is lined with white mattresses and contains many sensory stimulation equipment such as a colorful bubble pillar, color-changing optical fibers, mirror ball ,a water mattress, music bells and more The purpose of the Snoezelen room is to provide a calming and relaxing environment for the child, an environment that enables a child to forget that he is in the hospital This special room helps reduce the level of anxiety and stress that most hospitalized children experience. It provides a sense of control that the child loses once he is in the hospital. The Snoezelen is a pleasant , relaxing environment which enables the staff to work with a child or prepare him for a medical procedure together with his family