This classroom is for hospitalized children and adolescents(children and adolescents who are hospitalized in the surgical department and the internal department) between the ages of 8-18 years old. The hours that the classroom is opened are the same as the hours of the young division classroom. The main goals of the educational staff are to help the child cope better with his illness and the hospitalization experience. Another goal is to help the child with his schoolwork in order to prevent the child from falling behind in his studies.
The teachers and the volunteers from the national service teach each child individually, according to his / her needs, choice and learning materials. If needed they create materials and enrich the studying with different activities.
In addition, the teachers meet with children who are about to undergo surgery in order to explain the process that they are about to undergo. The child is given emotional support and answers to his concerns and questions. It is believed that providing information reduces anxiety and provides a sense of control.
In the classroom there is a library full of books for different age levels and for different types of populations. There are many types of games, puzzles, cards and are able to learn robotics. The children are able to borrow books and a game to use later in the evening. The educational staff encourages the hospitalized children to spend their time in the classroom. Being in the classroom and not in bed has a positive effect on physical recovery and on the ability of the child to cope better with the illness and its treatment.