At the school in Shaare Zedek, children can receive emotional help with the use of animals. Our animal corner has a wide range of animals - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, parrots and more. Animal treatments are are givenor in the animal therapist's room corner or by the child's bedside.
With the help of the animals, children are able to express their desires, fears, and anxieties. Animal therapy allows the sick child to express his experiences at the hospital. The pleasant contact with the animal calms the hospitalized child. The connection between the child and the animals enables the child to cope better with the difficulties of the disease and with the social detachment that occurs during hospitalization.
Many studies conducted around the world show that the presence of animals in educational and therapeutic settings contributes to the child's physical and mental improvement. The animal serves as a means of communication and enables a therapeutic process without the use of words. Because of this, the therapist is able to form a connection with the child quite quickly.
During treatment, the child realizes that the animal also has desires, thoughts, and feelings. The therapeutic work with the animal enables the child to express his inner world and his feelings while receiving reinforcement and support from the therapist.
In addition, animal therapy relieves stress, encourages inquisitive behavior, improves motor skills, improves self-image, enables acceptance, encourages giving and caring for others and enables recognition and understanding of the facts of life such as birth, death and disease.