In a music room equipped with a variety of musical instruments such as percussion instruments, string instruments, electric drums, a karaoke system and more. Children are able to receive emotional help through music.
Music therapy allows unique work to be done on both a physical and a mental level.
The very fact that a child is admitted to a hospital puts him in a state of stress. Music therapy gives the hospitalized child tools to deal with his condition. Successful musical experiences help a child regain control, independence and security. Music is also a tool used to help distract the child from his pain. Music therapy can cause a change in the child's behavior, in his emotional state and improve cognitive level.
Music can help a child feel safe while undergoing a therapeutic process. The treatment includes listening, singing, improvisation, composing, music and conversation. In addition, music therapy allows the child to connect with the therapist and enables him to express himself in nonverbal ways.