Children and toddlers come to this class before undergoing medical examinations that require anesthesia or sedation. Some of the tests are related to gastro-endocrinology - a medical field that deals with the digestive system, eating disorders and problems with the liver.:
In the classroom, the children undergo preparation for the test. Osnat, an art therapist and the school staff, prepare and accompany the children before and after the examination, focusing on the feelings of the children. Attention is also given to all of the family members who are accompanying the child. This approach is one of the principles of "Child Life", a method which aims to support children and their families in medical situations which can cause anxiety, stress, or fear.
The class is uniquely designed with sensory stimulation elements that provide a feeling of calmness and enables the child to relax before the medical examination. A book describing the medical examination is also read to the child and there are also movies from "Kav-Or" describing the medical procedure. The school staff creates games that can also be played with the child. Dream Doctors medical clowns also assist the children.
Our main goal is to provide children with a positive experience while in the hospital and accompany them emotionally.
Head Doctor of the Department: Professor Dan Turner.