Young Division Classroom (pre-school and first and second grade):
This classroom is mainly for hospitalized children(children who are hospitalized in the surgical department and the internal department) between the ages of 3-7 years old. The classroom resembles many other Young Division classrooms. There are many games and toys in the classroom. There are different pretend play areas such as a kitchen area, a doctor's area, a carpenter area. There is a reading corner with many books in different languages. There is also a petting area where children can play with the different animals that we have in the school. The classroom also has computers.
Many activities take place during the day: arts and crafts, music, cooking and baking, storytelling and more. The children also learn similar topics to what is being taught in regular young division classrooms. We try to give the child a feeling that he is in a normal environment, taking part in normal activities. This enables the child to cope better with his illness. The teachers also meet with children who are about to undergo surgery in order to explain the process that they are about to undergo.
The classroom is open almost every day from 8:00 in the morning till 6:00 at night. Friday till 11:30 and Saturday the school is closed.