Professor Jacob Frischberg is the head doctor of the children's Nephrology Department.Children who come to this department are children who suffer from acute or chronic kidney disease or who are after a kidney transplant
Activities in the Classroom:
Every child's illness, especially chronic and severe illnesses, affects the child's development, his learning ability and concentration. It disrupts the normal course of life: emotionally, socially and cognitively. Personal attention and a range of educational and enriching activities can help children cope with the consequences of the disease and the intensive medical care.
The main goals of the educational staff are to teach skills that will enable the child to cope with the disease, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to give them a positive experience while being in the hospital and to help them acquire an education.
Most of the children who come to this classroom are children who have been coming for years, therefore it is important to always have new and different activities. There are many games and books in the classroom. There is a computer and an ipad in the classroom. The children play, read and do art projects. They learn about their disease and how to take care of themselves. We help the children with their studies. Some work with our music therapist or animal therapist.
"Tikva and Marpa"(Hope and Healing) are an organization which helps children who are being cared for in the dialysis or nephrology unit. They send volunteers to work and play with the children. They help organize birthday parties, outings and different activities for the children and their families.